Case Studies - Your Perfect Escape - Holidays

Case Studies – How do we work to find Your Perfect Escape? Perhaps the best way to answer that is to give you some examples of real customers we’ve been working with recently:

Case Study 1:

Coach Tour of Normandy to include the D-Day Landing Sites

Mr and Mrs A came to us knowing where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do: visit the sites of the famous D-Day landings in Normandy. But they had no idea where to start.

We searched the tours available from seven different suppliers. Then, we found the ones that provided the most highly-regarded tours. We made sure that pick-up from Hinckley could be arranged. Then, we established what the cost implications would be of having pre-arranged meals. We were able to offer Mr and Mrs A two different options, taking into account the length of trip and the type of coach.

Case Study 2:

Cuba for Easter 2015

Mr and Mrs B came to us for ideas because they didn’t really know what they wanted other than All-Inclusive in Cuba.

We started by checking the availability of package holidays from major tour operators. We then contacted a couple of companies who put bespoke packages together for customers. Finally, we researched putting together a package ourselves, arranging flights, transfers and accommodation

We were able to present Mr & Mrs B with four choices: a seven night holiday from Thomas Cook; another seven night package from Virgin Holidays and a 10 night stay from Kuoni. The fourth option was a 10 or 12 night holiday with flights and accommodation, which would consist of three nights in Havana and then seven or nine nights at a beach resort.

Now they have a shortlist of options to consider without being overwhelmed, and they have possibilities for different lengths of holiday, plus the option of having one or two centres for their stay.

Case Study 3:

Tickets for an Arsenal match in 2015 including travel and accommodation in London

Mr and Mrs C wanted a weekend break in which they could indulge their passion for their favourite football club. We were able to obtain tickets for an Arsenal match and found train fares and accommodation, both in Central London and also further north near the stadium. Because the tickets for the match were quite expensive, as another option we also found tickets for a tour of the Emirates stadium and appropriate travel and accommodation.

Case Study 4:

Accommodation for 2 couples in Australia (Melbourne, Cairns and Sydney); internal flights in Australia; accommodation in Singapore; ideas for excursions

This group of four friends were planning one of those trips of a lifetime. We secured accommodation at all the locations requested and were able to offer choices of 4-star accommodation (plus 5-star in Singapore) – all at prices below those that our clients, Mr and Mrs D, had found online themselves.

We were also able to source internal flights with Virgin Australia that included a suitable luggage allowance. Finally, based on what they’d told us about themselves and their friends, we reviewed the excursions on offer and recommended a shortlist of 8 different excursions, including prices and full details.

Case Study 5:

Accommodation in a house in the Midlands to sleep 30 for a wedding anniversary celebration

As you can imagine, this was going to be quite a party. In this case we searched what a number of suppliers had to offer and narrowed the shortlist down to three houses that were large enough to meet our customers’ requirements. We were able to offer them a choice from all three, with full details of the accommodation and comparative costs.

Case Study 6:

10 night holiday in the Canary Islands, to depart 2 days after initial enquiry, staying at 4* All Inclusive Resort

Mrs and Mrs F came to us with a very short notice challenge: they asked if we could help them depart for the Canaries in just two days time. They also wanted to stay in 4-star accommodation.

Here’s how we did it. First, we found flights for the couple that went from their local airport (there was still availability on these flights despite the short notice). Then, we found two hotels, both of which had availability AND met the clients’ 4-star criteria. Finally, we added transfers to and from the airport to provide the complete package with ATOL protection built in.

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