Family Holidays

Family holidays – What makes a really great family holiday?

Well, of course it’s different for every family – and the best holiday for your family is unique to you.

But when you are planning to all go away together, there are some things you should always think about beforehand. These are the ingredients for a hassle-free family trip. Get them right, and things will always be so much better.

To start, you need to be sure of:

  1. Accommodation which is really suitable for your family needs (and when you book connecting rooms, you want to be sure you really do get them)
  2. Travel and waiting times kept to an absolute minimum
  3. Flight times during the most suitable hours wherever possible. This helps to stop children (and parents) from getting grumpy
  4. Seats together on the plane
  5. A short transfer from the airport when you reach your destination

Then, when you arrive happily without any tantrums, huffs or fall-outs, you will need:

  1. Food that meets the needs of all the members of the family (including special dietary requirements)
  2. Different activities to suit all family members

This last one is very important, especially if you have children of different ages – or if your children have just got older and are no longer happy to do the things they used to enjoy on holiday.

Why do we understand all of this at Your Perfect Escape? Because we have four children of our own. It means we have real experience of all these challenges, and have found ways to overcome them.

The more children you have, the harder it can be to sort out some of these things. We know what we’re doing, because we’ve been there. So let us take the hard work and stress away for you.

No challenge is too great.

Are you thinking of taking your own parents away? We can help with that too.

As one example of how we can make our network of contacts really work for you, take the issue of connecting rooms. So many families request them, but then arrive at the hotel to be disappointed.

Through our relationships with tour operators, we can guarantee that our selected hotels in the following territories will be able to provide you with a connecting room if you need it:

Europe – Bulgaria, Croatia, Lapland, Turkey, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Portugal, Madeira, Italy and Spain

Caribbean and Mexico – Antigua, Barbados, Mexico, Dominican Republic, St Lucia

Indian Ocean – Maldives, Mauritius

North Africa and Middle East – Egypt, Morocco, Dubai


Let us help you make your family trip memorable for all the right reasons. Please call Mandy on 01455 233 944 or 07783 238 538 or email

Family Holidays – Your Perfect Escape