Our customer's receive excellent customer service...

Let us tell you about the excellent service our customers receive

Last Sunday a customer called us at 6 in the evening because they were having problems checking in online for their transatlantic flight the following morning.  We were on the phone with BA and American Airlines until 7 o’clock resolving this and then called our customer with the information so she could check in and relax ahead of her flight.

Another customer got in touch because he was having problems with his Visa confirmation for a trip to Canada later that week. As a  Canada specialist, we found a contact in Destination Canada who provided information which assisted our customer in resolving his visa issue.  He is currently enjoying his holiday with his family in Canada.

Last Wednesday, customers who are going on a cruise next week got in touch to say they had some friends also going on the same cruise (but not booked through us). We got in touch with the cruise company and arranged for them to all sit together for their meals.  Some more happy customers!

Then just a couple of days ago, another customer contacted us because her daughter had booked the no frills flight in her married name but had not yet updated her passport from her maiden name.  We were able to liaise with the airline, alter the name on the reservation and all for considerably less than our customer had expected to pay.  Now they can all enjoy their trip to the Algarve this weekend.

Would these customers have received that service from a high street travel agent?  And what about if they’d booked online?

Our customers can access us for assistance when they really need it, even if it’s at weekends or during the evenings.

So, whether it’s your annual family holiday or you want to know you’ll receive excellent service when you need it – make it Your Perfect Escape.